Hi, I'm Courtney.

Most days you can find me cuddled up with my dog Willow, getting lost in a book or trying out a new recipe I found (I'm also weirdly good at being able to make up my own recipes). Or possibly watching any dog video I can come across, MY FAV. I regularly work with amazing, sweet and caring special needs kids, which fills my life with joy. I am married to a wonderful man, Ryan, who embraces my clumsiness with open arms. If you ever get stuck next to me at a red light, you're most likely wondering what in the world this chick is doing, I'll tell you- I am SINGING MY HEART OUT. Pretending I'm hitting all the notes, and yes, I DO use my hands. And yes, I DO dance in the car. I'll most likely dance around at your reception while taking photos, at this point I don't even notice it anymore. I'll also probably tell a lot of dumb jokes and trip a lot BUT, you can laugh. It's okay, I'd laugh too. I am a lover of Jesus, my husband, my dog, and sleeping in. But most of all, I'm here to leave my mark.

 I specialize in engagements, couples, wedding, & portraiture. But I also shoot family, events, and other things. I want to capture the love between the newly engaged, the excitement of an expectant parent, the care free nature of a teenager. 

I would like to note that Willow+Co is and always will be LGBTQ+ and all inclusive. We love everyone and believe EVERYONE deserves equality.