Sydney + Brianna | Dahlonega Cottage

Ever meet someone and think, “HOW WERE WE NOT FRIENDS BEFORE?” That’s how I felt when I met Sydney. Instantly clicked. So when she came to me saying she wanted to surprise her girlfriend with a cute little air bib session around Georgia I was so down! We scoured the airbnb site (ya’ll SOOO many good options!) and Sydney decided on this cute little place in Dahlonega, not too far from Helen, but in my opinion, much nicer places to stay. (SIDENOTE: If you ever go to helen, head my advice and NEVER stay in any of their hotels. THE. WORST. Trust me.) Anyways, back to the cute couple.  Sydney and I communicated via text often and she’d talk about how much she adored Bri and how happy she was. And me being the total romantic just about bubbled over with happiness. So enjoy these two being cute as heck!



Brianna:  “We met online, but we lived in the same city and had never heard of each other. The first time we met in person, she came to my high school and brought me sunflowers on my birthday. It was really sweet.“