Mother + Daughter | Toccoa Falls, GA

Its sometimes funny how you can meet people. If you had told this generation 20 years ago that today we would ALL so incredibly willingly go and meet people online and that it would be super normal, we all would have quaked in our jelly shoes and said ‘stranger danger!’ But here we are, it’s 2019, and I have met many friends via the internet. And a lot of these friendships have blossomed into almost a sibling type of thing. I met Jordan through a Facebook group for photographers located in all of Georgia. And found out we’re not too far away. I’m always nervous when meeting new people but new I needed to expand my photography network to people actually IN state with me rather than all over the world. I second shot for Jordan at a wedding and pretty sure the determining factor of our friendship was me falling off the side of the stairs and into bushes with my camera held up high and me running out of the bushes screaming ‘I’m okay, it’s okay. The camera is okay’... and did I mention it was the brides first look with her dad? Yeeaahhhhh. So fast forward some time and I asked around if anyone wanted to trade sessions in the fire for Ryan and i’s One year anniversary pictures. *mind you it was like October probably lol* and she listed her page and I felt drawn to her work. YALL, it is nerve wracking photographing another photographer okay!! Like, they know what you’re forgetting or if you misstep because they do the same thing as you. But Jordan and I had an absolute blast. And in return for her doing my husband and I’s pictures, I did some of her and her absolutely beautiful and outgoing daughter Audrey. And um, I love Audrey to pieces. She’s spirited, lively, friendly, and will talk to you about anything and down for an adventure. So I’ll stop blabbering and show you some photos of these two beautiful ladies. ❤️