for the romantic, for the lovers of life, for the wild in love

a lover of moments, a lover of the unposed. Documentary style. Will probably lay on the ground or stand on something precariously to get THE shot. Will also probably tell lame jokes. Maybe trip. Maybe fall into water. It happens. Let’s go on an adventure, coffee? Let’s do it. Bookstore? YES. Mountains? HEYYO. Take me with you on all your fun adventures. I’ll capture your day the way it happens. *disclaimer: if we climb mountains I may be wheezing at the end. I’ll be fine. Give me a few minutes. I’ll live. Maybe.*


Hi, I'm Courtney.

A Georgia based wedding and elopement photographer. Most days you can find me cuddled up with my dogs Willow, Chorizo, and Piper, getting lost in a book or trying out a new recipe I found (I'm also weirdly good at being able to make up my own recipes). Or possibly watching any dog video I can come across, MY FAV. I regularly work with amazing, sweet and caring special needs kids, which fills my life with joy. I am married to a wonderful man, Ryan, who embraces my clumsiness with open arms (seriously I get the most random bruises). If you ever get stuck next to me at a red light, you're most likely wondering what in the world this chick is doing, I'll tell you- I am SINGING MY HEART OUT. Pretending I'm hitting all the notes, and yes, I DO use my hands. And yes, I DO dance in the car. I'll most likely dance around at your reception while taking photos, at this point I don't even notice it anymore. I'll also probably tell a lot of dumb jokes and trip a lot BUT, you can laugh. It's okay, I'd laugh too. I am a lover of Jesus, my husband, my dog, and sleeping in. But most of all, I'm here to leave my mark.

 I specialize in engagements, couples, wedding, & portraiture. But I also shoot family, events, and other things. I want to capture the love between the newly engaged, the excitement of an expectant parent, the care free nature of a teenager. 

I would like to note that Willow+Co is and always will be LGBTQ+ and all inclusive. We love everyone and believe EVERYONE deserves equality. 

Take me with you! I promise lots of funny (or lame) jokes, great playlists, I’ll even bring COFFEE. Or tea. Or donuts. Have you tried Sarah Donuts? If not, that’s what i’m bringing. I promise to also bring my camera too.

Hey, sometimes I write things. Below is a link to a few of my blog posts!